What B & B Insurance Agency Has to Offer You


What B & B Insurance Agency Has to Offer You

What B & B Insurance Agency Has to Offer You

Knowing when and where to get the best insurance coverage is important, especially if you have just purchased a new vehicle or a new home. You need to know what kind of services you can get and at the best cost. B & B Insurance Agency has a lot of different serves available for you at a quote that is tailored to fit your individual needs.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is something every individual has to have, that’s why B & B Insurance Agency is here for you. They have several different plans available for you to shop. Find the plan that works best for you and your family. Don’t worry about health insurance being too expensive, at B & B Insurance, they have a plan for everyone.

Life Insurance

One of the most important things to have is life insurance, but it may be something you haven’t thought about up until now. That’s why B & B Insurance Agency has you covered. They offer you different services of life insurance, from term coverage to universal coverage. You’re sure to find the coverage that is just right for you at B & B Insurance Agency.

Auto Insurance

Having auto insurance isn’t just a must, it’s important for your safety. That’s why B & B Insurance Agency offers a wide variety of auto insurance that is perfect for you and your new ride. B & B Insurance Agency will quote you for the best coverage and the best price.

Boat Insurance

Boat insurance is something not many think of, but if you’ve just bought a pontoon and are ready to hit the water, you’ve got to wait until you have proper coverage. Yes, just like an automobile, your boat has to be insured before you can take it out on the water. B & B Insurance Agency will cover you and get you the best quote on boat insurance so you’re out on the water and soaking up sun in no time flat.

Home Owners Insurance

One of the biggest steps you will ever make in life is purchasing a house. While you may be doing cartwheels after you’ve closed, it’s important to remember that you need to find home owners insurance as soon as possible. B & B Insurance Agency is the place for you. They will access your home and give you a quote that works perfectly for you. They’ll finish up the final steps so you can finally begin living in the home of your dreams.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Maybe you’re a business owner in need of auto insurance? Look no further because B & B Insurance Agency also does commercial auto insurance. If you own a small business that has automobiles on staff for the services you provide, then you will need to get coverage. B & B Insurance Agency will have a quote for you in no time flat. Waste no time and get your business rolling by contacting B & B Insurance Agency to help get the commercial auto coverage that you need.

That’s why B & B Insurance Agency works to provide you with insurance that will deliver in your time of need. Our insurance agents at B & B Insurance Agency will sit down with you and your family, go over all of the different coverage options and figure out what one would be best for you all. We want you to feel you’re very best, especially when it comes to your insurance. Call us today to speak with an insurance agent or go online to our website to get a free quote. If you live in the Lantana area, stop by our office. We happily serve the Lantana, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach and Boca Raton areas.

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