B & B Insurance Agency Offers Health Care

Health Care

B & B Insurance Agency Offers Health Care

B & B Insurance Agency Offers Health Care

When it comes to health care, you need an insurance agency that you can trust. That’s why at B & B Insurance Agency, we offer the best plans and service to our customers. We want you to feel like you’re getting the most out of your insurance, so we bring excellent coverage to the table for you. We know how important health is to you and your family, so we provide you with several different options.

Health Insurance Plans Offered:

-Individual and family health insurance
-Group health insurance
-Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans
-Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans
-Point of Service (POS) plans
-Indemnity health insurance plans
-Short-term health insurance plans
-Dental health insurance plans
-International travel health insurance

Medical treatment is still available without insurance coverage but at a huge price. Our health insurance plans insure you and your family will never have to worry about that. We know that accidents happen and injuries can sometimes be inevitable, without the proper coverage you could be facing bankruptcy from outrageous out of pocket expenses. That’s why B & B Insurance Agency works to provide you with health insurance that will deliver in your time of need. Our insurance agents at B & B Insurance Agency will sit down with you and your family, go over all of the different health care coverage options and figure out what one would be best for you all. We want you to feel you’re very best, especially when it comes to your health insurance. Call us today to speak with an insurance agent or go online to our website to get a free quote. If you live in the Lantana area, stop by our office. We happily serve the Lantana, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach and Boca Raton areas.

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