Driver or Employer? Whose Florida auto insurance covers on-the-job accidents?

Driver or Employer Whose Florida auto insurance covers on-the-job accidents

Driver or Employer? Whose Florida auto insurance covers on-the-job accidents?

You may not think you need commercial Florida auto insurance coverage just because your company doesn’t own a fleet of trucks or cars. But what happens if your employee is in an auto accident while driving his or her own car to meet with a client, pick up an order or do a site evaluation? Let’s ask the experts in car insurance in our Lake Worth, Florida office… 

When does the employer liability kick in?

According to The Nolo Network, one of the web’s largest libraries of consumer-friendly legal information – all of which is available for free, “If the driver of a car, truck, or other vehicle is using that vehicle on the job, then the driver’s employer is very likely going to be held liable for any injuries resulting from a traffic accident for which the employee was at fault. The same goes for any vehicle damage resulting from that accident.” 

The big question is whether or not the employee was actually “on the job.” As the experts at Nolo say, “Whether someone is on the job while driving is not always a simple question. In general, any time someone is performing any duties related to work, the person can be considered on the job even when he or she is also doing personal business and driving a personal car.”

Does this apply to all employers? 

Yes! It doesn’t matter what kind of work your company does. The rule regarding employer liability for an employee’s negligence applies for government agencies, nonprofits, Fortune 500 companies and mom-and-pop outfits. You are even liable for damages resulting from an employee’s auto accident if you are a sole proprietor or if you happen to engage an employee for personal business. 

What kind of damages is the employer liable for?

You’re not just responsible for injuries your employee may sustain along with the damages to his or her car.  If your employee was at fault, you need a Florida auto insurance policy that will cover any other vehicles or people involved in the accident.

Let’s say you have commercial auto insurance for your Boynton Beach-based business. While on her way to a meeting, she runs a stop sign and causes an accident. In addition to damages to both cars, your policy will be called on to cover injuries sustained not only by your employee, but also any injuries to her passenger, whether that person is another employee or not. You will also be liable for injuries to the occupants of any other vehicles involved in the accident as well as any pedestrians or bicyclists who had the misfortune of being involved.  

If you have more questions regarding the kind of Florida auto insurance needed to cover on-the-job accidents, please contact the offices of B&B Insurance Agency, one of the leading car insurance agencies in Palm Beach County. 

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