Flood Insurance in Florida

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Flood Insurance in Florida

This month marks the beginning of the 2020 hurricane season. It’s a good time to get a review of your home and auto insurance if Florida is your home. It’s also a good time to think about whether you should consider flood insurance. 

A lot of people think that if they don’t live in a designated flood zone, they don’t need flood insurance. The offices of our Insurance Agency in Lantana aren’t in a flood zone, but our parking lot was pretty full after the recent rains. We all know have friends and neighbors throughout Palm Beach County who may also have learned from firsthand experience that you don’t have to live in a flood zone to have problems with rising waters.

As FEMA – the Federal Emergency management Agency – reminds us, “No home is completely safe from potential flooding. When just one inch of water in a home can cost more than $25,000 in damage, flood insurance can be the difference between recovery and financial devastation.”

Chances of Flooding on the Rise

In recent years, we have seen more intense hurricanes making landfall more frequently. If you’re new to Florida, you may not know that the greatest threat from a hurricane doesn’t come from the winds. The biggest threat is flooding. 

“For the past four years, hurricanes have caused above-average flooding. This year, we expect more of the same,” FEMA reports. And this year, hurricane forecasters are calling for a hurricane season that is above average in terms of the number of storms we can expect. 

FEMA isn’t the only agency urging caution. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) also warns homeowners of the increased risk of floods associated with hurricane season. 

B&B Insurance in Lantana is best known providing drivers with great options for Florida auto insurance, but we are a full-service insurance agency and we would be happy to answer any questions you might have about flood insurance.

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