What does hurricane season mean for car insurance in Lake Worth, FL

What does hurricane season mean for car insurance in Lake Worth, FL - car insurance in Lake Worth FL

What does hurricane season mean for car insurance in Lake Worth, FL

If there’s one thing you can be sure of when it comes to hurricane season in South Florida, it’s that you’ll never really know what to expect. Hurricane season here in Florida began on Friday, June 1.  If you have questions about home insurance, wind storm policies or auto insurance in Lake Worth, FL – or any of the surrounding communities, there’s no time to lose. This year, the first named storm of the season developed before the official start of the season!

A full week before the beginning of the season, the National Hurricane Center told us about Tropical Storm Alberto. It eventually made landfall in the Florida Panhandle over the Memorial Day weekend as a subtropical storm (which falls somewhere between a tropical storm, characterized as having sustained winds of 40 miles per hour) and a tropical depression.  According to the Weather Channel:

  • Alberto was the longest-lived Atlantic named storm that formed in May in 65 years
  • The storm was responsible for at least 3 inches of rain in six Southeastern states.

Hopefully, Alberto helped to convince you that now is the time to get prepared. Part of being prepared is making sure you have adequate insurance coverage for your home, business, boat and car.

  • Make sure you know where your insurance policies are and what coverage is included.
  • In the event of a storm, make sure you put these important documents in a waterproof bag and keep them with you if you need to evacuate.
  • If you are riding out the storm in your home, you can store valuables that you don’t want to get wet in your dishwasher.)

At B & B Insurance, we understand what hurricane season is like – in the good years and the bad. If we can help ensure the safety and security of your family and your home, we hope you will call on us.  We can help you understand what each of your insurance policies will cover – and if there are areas where you might be vulnerable.

  • For example, if you sustain storm damage to your car while at home in Lake Worth, FL is a car insurance policy, windstorm policy or home owner’s policy going to cover the damage?
  • What about if you live in an evacuation zone? If you drive to a Red Cross storm shelter in Boynton Beach with your family and your car sustains damage in the parking lot there, what should you do?  Do you file a claim under your car insurance in Lake Worth, Florida?
  • Will windstorm insurance for your Lake Worth home cover you when you’re away from home?
  • Do you need flood insurance for your home in Lantana, Lake Worth or Boynton Beach? If you live in a flood zone, will that affect what your auto insurance in Boynton Beach covers?

At B & B Insurance, we are used to questions like these. We have the answers you need – and the experience to help you prepare for hurricane season.  We have experience getting through hurricane season.  We have helped family, friends, clients and neighbors weather the storm and get back on their feet and back to the life they were meant to enjoy.

We think helping people is an important part of hurricane season.  Whether it’s a question of reviewing your home and windstorm policies for a home in Palm Beach County to ensure you have adequate coverage in the event of a storm or simply explaining the ins and outs Florida auto insurance coverage, we would be happy to help you.

Please don’t wait – by the time you know a storm is coming our way it may be too late to change your coverage!

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