Insurance with Ease at B&B Insurance

Insurance with Ease at B&B Insurance

Insurance with Ease at B&B Insurance

Insurance with Ease at B&B Insurance


If you thought getting auto insurance was a pain in the neck, think again. It’s easy, reliable, and just a click away!

We’ve made auto insurance completely hassle free. Once we’ve got you insured, you can drive with complete peace of mind, knowing that you, your family – and your vehicle – are fully protected.

In the event of an accident, our auto insurance policy will provide financial coverage for any resulting vehicle damages, property damages, and/or medical expenses. The amount of money provided by the policy, versus the amount of money you may have to pay out of pocket, will depend on the type of coverage you purchase, its financial limits, and the deductible.

Auto insurance protects your automobile, and covers for the loss of belongings that might be stolen, damaged, or lost. In some cases, auto insurance can help you in the unfortunate event of a resulting lawsuit.

To get the right auto insurance coverage, simply fill out a Quote Form or call us to speak with our insurance agents now.

If your business owns vehicles, or involves the use of vehicles, you need commercial auto insurance. A commercial auto insurance policy will protect your vehicles, and let you focus on your business more productively. Commercial auto insurance provides comprehensive protection for bodily injury and property damage caused by company-owned vehicles, as well as non-owned vehicles, used for the business. Be sure to read the fine print, because not all insurance companies will disclose the hidden components of the policy up front.

Before buying commercial auto insurance, make sure that the insurance company’s credentials are intact. Also ensure that the specifics of the agreement are outlined in the contract. After all, you don’t know when or how you’re going to need it.

B&B Insurance – one of the leading car insurance agencies In Lake Worth – also specializes in other types of insurance.  For example, Did you know that most companies provide limited coverage for small boats – with less than 25-horsepower motors – under a homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy?

Check with your insurance agent if your boat is covered, and for how much.

For all other boats, you will need to purchase separate insurance. How much you will have to pay for it will depend on the size, type, value of the craft, and the water in which you use it.

At B & B Insurance Agency, our products and services are second to none. Our experience as a boat and watercraft insurance company allows us to provide the knowledge, expertise, and personal service you would expect from an industry leader. Our insurance specialists will help you select an insurance plan that best fits your requirements.

You can also turn to B&B Insurance for help with life insurance, health insurance and homeowner’s insurance.  And when you choose us as your insurance provider, you will get:

  • Reliable advice
  • Fast, hassle-free processing
  • Responsive customer service
  • Regular updates on important issues related to your policy

Please call B&B Insurance today for help with any type of insurance need that you might have.  That’s B&B Insurance… not BB Insurance or Binsurance or A and B Insurance.  We look forward to hearing from you and providing an auto insurance quote in Florida or any other type of quote that you need.

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