It’s Time to Celebrate

It’s Time to Celebrate - Car insurance in our Lake Worth FL

It’s Time to Celebrate

You may think that, because they spend so much time trying to find great deals on Florida auto insurance policies for our customers, the experts in car insurance in our Lake Worth, FL are dry and dull. They would like you to know that they are just as much fun at a party as the next guy.

In fact, they have a sense of humor. Why else would they want us to let you know that, according to Mental Floss, April 5 is Read a Road Map Day.  “There was a time not so long ago when we had to consult large, folded pieces of paper to figure out directions from point A to point B,” they helpfully explain. “Thanks to GPS and Google Maps, this is now practically a holiday of antiquity. But you can’t use a Sharpie to draw a route on your smartphone, so score one for the road map.”

It might be interesting to see if switching from printed road maps to digital devices had an impact on Florida auto insurance rates. We’ll look into that.  

In the meantime, if you’re interested, you might be able to see some actual road maps at your local library. And, as it just so happens, this is a very appropriate time to pay the stacks a visit, because April 7 through 13 is National Library Week.  

If you think libraries are obsolete, you haven’t been to the library lately. Libraries have evolved in amazing ways to become even more of a community resource.

Here in Lake Worth, we have our own public library. It’s located downtown at 15 North M Street. Its mission is to provide free access to information, resources, programs and technology which meets patrons’ needs for educational, cultural, recreational and lifelong learning. 

In September of 2016, the Lake Worth Public Library celebrated its 75th birthday. As the Sun Sentinel reported at the time, it is, “one of the oldest libraries in Palm Beach County still in its original building.”

The library was established thanks to a group of women who lived in the area at the time. “The library was founded one year before the city was founded,” Vickie Joslin, who had been head librarian for the past 16 years, told the Sentinel in 2016. “In the 1930s the board began raising funds and it took almost 13 years to build the library.”

Here are some interesting bits of history that Sentinel reporter Jan Engoren turned up:

  • “The total cost to build and furnish the 10,000-square-foot library at the time was $66,000.”
  • “It boasts an art collection by past resident Reginald Sherman Winton and wood carvings by local shoemaker Samuel J. Schlappich, who willed a dozen walnut carvings to the city after his death.”
  • “Hanging on the wall is a bullet casing from 1942 when a police officer shot out the light in the library’s bathroom, to comply with the city’s blackout.”
  • “Another famous bullet is also on display. It may be an urban myth, but Joslin said it’s a bullet from the gun used by Jack Ruby to kill John F. Kennedy’s assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald.”


Just like our public library, B&B Insurance, one of the most respected car insurance agencies in Lake Worth, is proud to serve this community. From responding to the needs of our neighbors when disaster strikes – with financial resources and volunteers – to helping protect local families and businesses from West Palm Beach to Boynton Beach and Lantana with insurance that makes sense for them.

If you are looking for life, home or car insurance, our Lake Worth, Florida office is here for you.

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