When Should You Get an Insurance Review?

Insurance in Lantana - Should You Get an Insurance Review?

When Should You Get an Insurance Review?

There is never a bad time to get an insurance review, but it can be an especially good idea to have your insurance coverage reviewed now – before the 2020 Hurricane Season begins. And you’ll want to be sure to include not only your homeowner’s and windstorm coverage, you’ll want to take another look at your Florida auto insurance as well. 

At B&B Insurance in Lantana, we are a full-service insurance agency with the experience to help you. We’re a locally owned and operated small business and all of us have been through hurricanes. That means we have experience in getting through a storm as well as the expert knowledge you need to assess the existing policies for windstorm, homeowner’s and car insurance on your Lake Worth, Boynton Beach or Lantana home and auto. 

What Should an Insurance Review Cover?

The primary purpose of conducting an insurance review before hurricane season begins – or at any time – is to make sure that you have adequate coverage to protect you in the event of an accident, storm, theft or some other kind of serious loss. 

Some questions you might want to ask the Florida auto insurance and home insurance experts at B&B Insurance – or the insurance expert of your choice – might include:

  • If a hurricane destroys the roof on my Boynton Beach bungalow, will my windstorm insurance policy pay for a new roof? 
  • If the contents of my home in Lake Worth are damaged by a hurricane, will my homeowner’s insurance policy pay to replace the items I have lost? 
  • If a tree falls on my car while it’s parked in my Delray Beach driveway during a hurricane or tropical storm, will my Florida auto insurance pay to replace or repair it?  

If you are interested in having your Florida homeowner’s, windstorm and auto insurance coverage reviewed by the experts at our full-service home, life, boat and car insurance agency serving Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, Lantana and other nearby communities, please contact us.

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